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about je suis unique women clothes upcycled



Be a fashion activist !

Demand distinction by your judgement of “the mode” and purchase upcycled clothes.

It is for this reason that JE SUIS UNIQUE (I am Unique) upcycling clothing brand for women will be your banner. This brand saw the light of day at the foot of the famous City of Carcassonne listed heritage of Unesco in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon (Occitanie).

JE SUIS UNIQUE range by Virginie Pouzet de saint Charles, holder of a diploma at ESMOD the superior academy in the technique of fashion in Paris IX 1985, and a career as director of fashion collection, she mocks today for you, takes vintage clothing and transforms it into unique pieces.

Like all creators whose ultimate goal is to support their own brand she has therefor decided to embark on this exciting adventure.

In developing products “a la mode” ethics and design have to meet the needs of the consumer actresses, and she comes to the obvious conclusion that you must achieve a large selection every day. You have to choose between dressing fashionably and being responsible for the environment.

In love with these beautiful products the founder wagered her know how and French manufacturers to design the collections satisfying the expectations of the consumer actresses in terms of style and ethics.

Based on the very high diversity of vintage material JE SUIS UNIQUE is able to create fashionable products under a concept little existing in the ready – to – wear market, and exclusively for its customers, making the designs unique !

Unimaginable... a trademark where all the clothes are unique !

Each part used for the collection carries a long history, long before it was dyed for its transformation and its second life. Coming from the entire world the clothes may thus be upcycled indefinitely !



virginie pouzet brand founder je suis unique

The originator of the brand JE SUIS UNIQUE. Strong with her 30 years in the field of fashion, Virginie aware of the decrease has returned to her first love: dismantling vintage garments and entirely re-modernising them. Originating in Mauritius, she loves to travel, listen to Electro and Jazz-rock music and is a sun seeker.